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There are new things on the site »
Once again updated the site. Now you can do better text formatting in the publications.  I've set another WYSIWYG editor for blogs and newspaper articles. Furthermore improved website design, fixed some minor bugs and expanded AJAX  features for some pages. For those who do not know it, for example, when after edition of an article occurs only partial sending/receiving page's data. It saves traffic and brings some comfort in usage. Welcome to portal. ...
14.02.2015 17:54  Blog » Read more
Portal has new changes... »
Mainly cosmetic changes - something is done prettier, others - faster. In the "adverts" the things has become more clear - there is an simple advert and photo advert. It used to be "photo ad" and "short ad" (only multiple lines) - was not a good idea. Welcome to me. :) ...
16.03.2014 13:21  Blog » Read more
Happy New Year »
Congratulations to all the users of the site with the coming New Year. I wish you all the best this year. Pleased to announce a new version of this site's software installed. Today, - is a united portal , including newspaper and ads for several countries, and a single blogosphere.(Previously, each country had its own blogosphere and a set of the users. ) Added also some possibilities of blogging .Now you have the ability to customize the look of your blog , as well as added a new notice type ...
31.12.2013 15:30  Blog » Read more