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Real estate
Description: Adverts for buying and selling real estate. Sale of land, garden and agricultural areas, farms, forests.
Exchange, purchase and sale of houses, apartments, garages and other. Photographs of the property. Ability to search for typical parameters.
Computers and games
Description: Exchange and sale of computer components, computer games and accessories, used computers and monitors.
Collect a computer - here you can find the right part. Have an old computer? - Make out for parts or sold it as a whole!
Home appliances
Description: Buying, selling new and used household appliances. Exchange and other features. Bottomless flea market.
Free advertising, easy search, the widest range of products. Announcements with pictures. Do you want to get rid of unnecessary things? - Make a gift. No money for the right thing - ask the person to whom it is not needed.
Audio,TV, Photo and Video-technics
Description: Buying and selling new and used audio/video appliances. Exchange and other features. Electronic flea market. Used mobile phones, televisions, cameras.
Free advertising, easy search, the widest range of products. Announcements with pictures. There is an unnecessary electronics? - Make a gift. No money for a new gadget - ask the person to whom it is not needed.
Description: Buy and sell used cars and car parts. Private ads to buy and sell motorcycles, quads, mopeds and spare parts. Advanced search by brand, condition, year of production, and price of the car.
Activities and Sports
Description: Purchase and sale of accessories for all kinds of sports activities and physical education facilities, for tourism, water recreation, fishing and hunting. Ads for sale of bicycles and spare parts. Purchase and sale of hunting weapons and ammunition.
Musical Instruments
Manufacture & building
Culture, education, entertainment
Employment and services
Acquaintance, contacts
Description: Cherche la femme. The Princess and the Pea. The woman of your dreams. Prince on a white horse. Alain Delon on demand. Your ideal partner. Post free advert - find a husband or wife.
No time to go on discos? Bring an ad and say what you need, the world is great - someone will respond. Casual acquaintance and serious relationships. You want a holiday - advertise the party at home, do not want a holiday - organize the rally.
Animals, birds and fishes
Description: Your pet shop on the Internet. Buying and selling of pets. Favorite pets, fish and birds. Do you want to give your animals in good hands - post a free ad. Your crocodile rose - give to the zoo. Do not know what to feed the hippo - ask the one who knows.
Wake up from the stamping of cats? Sell ​​the cat and buy a canary or a parakeet.
You can not sleep because of birdsong - sell the bird and buy a snake.
Your snake crawls in all holes - sell the reptile and buy an aquarium.
Have your dog appeared puppies. It is time to place an ad in the newspaper.