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Culture and show business: Major cultural events, reviews, interviews, criticisms, economics of show business, patrons of culture.
Articles about the masterpieces of architecture and sculpture. Easel and monumental sculpture and small sculptures.
History and present art styles, pictures, biography and creativity of artists and photographers, masterpieces of world art, galleries and more.
Everything about the world of cinema and the lives of actors: news, reviews, premieres, interviews, biographies of actors, directors, and filmographies.
Digest of the latest news from the world of fashion, the stories about the latest collections and fashion trends.
Stories about rock- and pop- bands, orchestras, ensembles and other famous musical groups, discography and translations of the song texts, reviews, interviews with musicians and much more.
Latest showbiz news, rumors, gossip, intrigues, scandals, celebrity pictures, naked stars, paparazzi photos, gossip column, news of the royal family, dirt, etc.
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