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Sculpture & architecture: Articles about the masterpieces of architecture and sculpture. Stories about the architecture in the style of Classicism, Empire, historical, modern, post-modernism, constructivism, deconstruction, etc.
Easel and monumental sculpture and small sculptures.
Excursions into the architecture of the ancient world, Byzantium and ancient Russia, the Etruscans, Carolingian, Romanesque art, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, etc.
Reviews of creativity Rena, Hardouin-Mansart, Antonio Canova, Thorwaldsen, Carpo, Soufflot, Quarenghi, Rossi, Bazhenov, Kazakov, Janka etc.
News from the life of sculptors and architects, artists biography. Interesting information about the design and about new technologies in architecture, as well as the latest news about upcoming exhibitions, festivals, shows and much more.
Tags: Russia, gallery, statue, temple, cathedral, sculptor, architect, ancient world, Nike of Samothrace, the Venus de Milo, Hercules, Laocoon, Atlas Farnese, Fawn, Propylaea, Nike, Apteros, Parthenon, Erechtheion