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3 days in Donetsk: 70+ civilians killed, over 100 wounded
Over 70 people have been killed in the Donetsk Region, and 116 others have been wounded over the last three days of fighting in eastern Ukraine, is stated by regional authorities.
The Ukrainian army has been shelling Donetsk and its suburbs  overnight as well. On Tuesday, the military seized a key train  station near Donetsk.

Many civilians are also feared dead after Kiev authorities  resumed shelling of eastern districts in Lugansk, the city  council reported. No figures for the number of casualties are  known yet.
“According to residents’ reports, eastern Lugansk came under  intensive artillery attack on Wednesday,” the city council  said on its website. “Witnesses say that as a result of the  shelling, many civilians have been killed and wounded.”
The city has been without water, electricity and fuel for almost  two weeks.
Fifteen people were killed and 19 injured in mortar fire in  Donetsk region’s village of Zugres on Wednesday, local  authorities said, citing health officials. Among those killed  were three children.

On Wednesday, the UN Human Rights office issued a statement saying that number of casualties  in eastern Ukraine has doubled over the last two weeks, reaching  over 2,000 people according to “conservative estimates.” Almost  5,000 have been wounded. Over 60 people have been killed or wounded every day, UN human  rights spokeswoman Cecile Pouilly added.

Dmitry Kazadaev, a Lugansk resident, told RT that the Ukrainian  forces are targeting mostly civilian locations – not the one where the  self-defense forces are stationed.
“There are a lot less casualties among the self-defense  forces than among the civilians,” he said. “And these  stupid bombings of residential areas... you can take a look.  There are a few houses destroyed here, two more over there, and  one person died near that school. Why are they doing this?”
Lugansk residents say that have “to wait in line  several times just to get humanitarian aid stamps,” then   “go stand in another line for this store, in order to  actually get this aid.” The whole process is described as a   “big hassle.”
One woman lost consciousness right before her turn in line came.  So she was taken to hospital without getting her aid, one  resident told RT.

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