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15.02.2015 15:16
‘Get NATO, foreign countries out of Ukraine to end civil war’ – Ron Paul
The best thing for Ukraine is to force NATO, the US, and regional players out of the country, former US congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul said.
04.12.2014 16:38
Intern. human rights bodies confirm Russia’s White Book reports on Ukrainian abuse
International organizations have confirmed the reports contained in the Russian White Book listing the human rights violations by Kiev troops in Eastern Ukraine.
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15.11.2014 10:04
Japanese payment system to issue 3mn cards in Russia by end of 2016
Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) has agreed to cooperate with some of Russia’s banks, including VTB, and start issuing joint payment cards by the end of 2016, according to CEO Takashi Suetsugu.
09.10.2014 15:15
Russia and China among new emerging G7
Analysis of a new IMF report projects the top seven emerging markets, measured at purchasing power parity, will overtake the conventional G7 group of industrialized economies in 2014.
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15.11.2014 10:15
US Navy deploys laser weapon to Persian Gulf for first-ever combat mission
The US Navy has deployed its first ever combat laser. The futuristic weapon has boosted the arsenal of the Fifth Fleet’s command vessel in the Persian Gulf.
29.10.2014 11:43
Explosion at US spaceport seems blew it to pieces
Setback Americans during the launch cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station with a load of scientific equipment. People were not injured.
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21.08.2014 11:37
I never saw people die before’: Injured girl shares horrors of Donetsk shelling
Ukrainian army shelling has forever changed the life of a teenage girl near Donetsk. She is now lying in hospital with a shattered arm and shrapnel wounds.
14.08.2014 15:39
3 days in Donetsk: 70+ civilians killed, over 100 wounded
Over 70 people have been killed in the Donetsk Region, and 116 others have been wounded over the last three days of fighting in eastern Ukraine, is stated by regional authorities.