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International organizations have confirmed the reports contained in the Russian White Book listing the human rights violations by Kiev troops in Eastern Ukraine.
04.12.2014 16:38 Comments:0
The Russian government has decided to pull out of a major student exchange program with the US.
04.10.2014 12:56 Comments:0
America’s leadership had to embarrass Europe to impose economic hits on Russia over the crisis in Ukraine – even though the EU was opposed to such a motion.
04.10.2014 12:43 Comments:0
Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia have agreed that the renewed violence in Nagorno-Karabakh enclave in the South Caucasus should be settled “in a peaceful way.
10.08.2014 17:05 Comments:0
Russia’s Defense Ministry has stated that “fake” satellite images of alleged shelling of Ukraine from Russian territory were created by US counselors.
28.07.2014 17:42 Comments:0
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed support for Moldova's efforts to move closer to the European Union.
13.07.2014 09:21 Comments:0
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a nuclear energy cooperation deal with Argentina during a visit to Buenos Aires.
13.07.2014 08:43 Comments:0
The city council of Lvov in western Ukraine has urged the Nazi collaborators and nationalist icons, Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevich, be reinstated as heroes of Ukraine.
11.07.2014 06:47 Comments:0
Germany is expelling the CIA chief in Berlin in retaliation for the latest espionage scandals 'in addition to existing issues'.
11.07.2014 06:14 Comments:0